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Word, Character, Sentence and Paragraph Counter

JioTools is a free online tool to help you count and calculate the number of Word, Character, Sentence and Paragraph in a text. This tool can also calculate the Reading time and Keyword density for the text entered in the input box.

Word, Character, Sentence and Paragraph Counter

To count and calculate your words, character or sentence and paragraph just type or paste your text.

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About Our Word and Character Counter

Our Words Counter Pro Tool is incredibly easy to use and can give you instant results. It will shows you the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, reading time, speaking time and keyword density. This text tool is designed to reinforce your productivity and make your lifestyle easier. This free and perfect text counter also can help to check what number of characters your text contains, especially if your text is meant to be used on Social media, Google ads, and website headlines or Google meta title, description.

The word count tool can be extraordinarily beneficial for plenty distinctive duties, assignments, or tasks. For school college students, they normally are assigned to write literature reviews, analyses, or lab reports, and typically are required to hit a sure amount of phrases for the undertaking. The word counter tool will substantially help them keep a pulse at the range of words they have got written and make their technique simpler to follow. For journalists or bloggers who are writing to hit a weekly or monthly quota for phrases written, the word counter tool can help them manage their work and stay on target to make sure they are running to hit their required quota.

How to use Word, Character, Sentence and Paragraph Counter?

You don't have to be an Expert for this. You need to follow simple steps on the Below.

Step #1: Just type your text or paste your text.
Step #2: If the tool doesn't show results instantly, just press enter button on your keyboard.
Step #3: Once you're done, thank you so much.

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