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Keyword Position Checker

To check your website keyword rank in Google search ranking, you can use our 100% free Keyword Position Checker tool.

Keyword Position Checker

To check your Keywords Position just enter your domain name, keywords and select limit and click the blue ‘Find Keyword Position’ button.









What is Keyword Position Checker?

This is a keywords tool that indicates by which keywords a specific website ranks in Google search engine results and on what positions. Our keyword rank checker gives position and volume by keyword. Keyword function Checker is an free device to test your website position inside the top SERPs for precise key phrases.

How does the Keyword Position Tool do Work?

Well, this is a search engine ranking checker and so it scans through search engine outcomes for the keyword you entered to decide the spot held via the concerned website for the keywords.
If it suggests "1" in the results, it means the website entered presently sits atop the number 1 on Google inside in the selected country. If it says “50,” it means position #50. You get the point?

For what to do in case you're now not happy along with your website's position on search engines like google and yahoo, read our Blog for the best ideas and brand new updates on a way to rank better on Google and other search engines.

The 10 organic outcomes statistically appeal to around 90% of customers’ clicks, with paid results receiving the other 10%. Usually, 33% of searchers will click on the top position, that's why that is so heavily well-known. Following this, 66% of visitor will click either the next results, with clicks diminishing in percentage as we head in addition down the results page.

How to use Keyword Position Checker By JioTools?

You don't have to be an SEO Expert for this. You need to follow simple four easy steps on the Below.

Step #1: Enter your website URL on the “Enter your domain name:” space provided.
Step #2: Enter the keywords in the “Keywords:” space. Our keyword rank checker lets you enter up to 25 keywords per check.
Step #3: Select checking position limit “Check Positions upto:” space.
Step #4: Once you're done, click on “Find Keyword Position” to run your check.

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