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CSS Minifier

JioTools CSS Minifier is the Best online Tool to Minify and Beautify CSS Stylesheet - Reduce File Size and Speed up your Website for Free.

CSS Minifier Tool

To Minify and Beautify CSS Stylesheet just Paste your code or Upload Multiple CSS files and click the "Submit" button.

Enter your CSS code to compress:

Add up to 10 multiple CSS files (Size Limit: 2MB per file)

What is CSS Minifier Tool?

Minification refers to the process of removing needless or redundant information without affecting how the aid is processed via the Browser. This reduces the amount of data that desires to be transferred to the customers. CSS minifier is a magic online tool that many developer's use if you want to reduce the size in their CSS codes and beautify CSS online.

Why Should you use JioTools CSS Minifier?

JioTools CSS Minifier takes any form of CSS Code and make it Minified, Compressed via Disposing of white Spaces, Newlines and feedback. It Reduces file size and optimize CSS on your website. We're imparting you a CSS minifier online tool is the first-class and the simplest CSS optimizer out there that people can use to decorate CSS online due to the help of this CSS minifier tool, you can compress CSS stylesheet in no time and with zero issue. Our CSS optimizer tool has a user-friendly interface that lets in you to compress CSS files inside the best way possible. It's a quick, easy and free CSS minifier available online.

How to use CSS Minifier Tool By JioTools?

You don't have to be an Expert for this. You need to follow simple and easy steps on the Below.

Step #1: Paste your css code on the "Enter your CSS code to compress:" space provided or click on "Upload CSS Files" and select your css file (you can sellet 10 multiple CSS files).
Step #2: You can select multiple css files by clicking red "Add Another CSS File" button.
Step #3: Once you're done, click on "Submit" or "Compress Files" to minify css.

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