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Text Case Converter

Our Text Case Converter Tool is the Best and easy Way to Convert Text Between Lower Case, Upper Case, Capitalized Case and Sentence Case.

Text Case Converter

To Convert your Text Case just Paste your Text and Click on Sentence, Lower, Upper, Capitalized Case Button

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About our Text Case Converter Tool

Jiotools Text Case Converter is a perfect and simple free online tool that converts any text to Sentence case, Lower case, Upper case, Capitalized case, aLtErNaTiNg case amd Title case. The tool automatically changes case and ensures you do not lose any content you have got expended time and energy creating. If there is any sort of “case error” in the textual content created, correcting the error is as simple as copying the text into the input region of the tool and engaging the proper tool. The usage of our tool is actually very simple. There are basically two techniques of making use of our tool if you want to make corrections to your content. To use our text change case tool, you can copy and paste the a part of the text in content which you need to be changed.

How to use Text Case Converter By JioTools?

For this you don't have to be an Expert. You need to follow simple easy steps on the Below.

Step #1: Type or paste your text in the box.
Step #2: Then click on the Case button which type you want to convert you text.
Step #3: Once you're done, click on "Copy to Clipboard" to copy your converted text.

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